Welcome to the first traffic and income update from Your Side Hustle Success.

Why publish this information? Two reasons: firstly, since I started my first blog nearly two years ago I’ve found reading the monthly updates from other bloggers incredibly inspiring and motivating. And, secondly, this blog is all about creating a successful side hustle and I want to ‘walk the talk’ and document how this blog (and business) performs, right from day one. I really hope you’ll join me for the adventure.

Your Side Hustle Success published its first post, 7 Reasons Everyone Why Should Have a Side Hustle on December 12, 2016. That’s the date I’ll mark as the day this site was born.

Start NOW!

Unless you’re really organised and have seriously planned ahead (I fail on both counts), mid-December is probably a really bad time to launch a blog. That’s not because no-one is reading blogs but because life gets super hectic at that time of year. And, unless you’ve ticked those two boxes I mentioned earlier: being organised; and planning ahead – life can get even crazier.

The truth is, I’d been thinking about starting this blog for months. Many months. When I finally bit the bullet and organised my hosting, etc., I planned to launch the site in an organised and power-blogger-extraordinaire way. Ha! That didn’t happen.

In the end, I decided the site didn’t need to be perfect, it needed to be live. So I hit publish and here we are!

Lesson learned – Start NOW!

The first 19 days of this blog have seen the following results:


Pageviews – 514

Most popular posts


  • Google Adsense – $0.60
  • Affiliate Sales – $0.00

Social Media

So far, Your Side Hustle Success has a presence on Pinterest and Facebook, however I’ve only been working on my Pinterest boards (which you can follow using the link below). I have created a Facebook page but, as at the time this post’s publication, it has sat in no-man’s land, waiting to be activated. Expanding my social media presence is one of my major tasks for January, and beyond.

You can follow Your Side Hustle Success on the following social media sites:

Goals for January

As the beginning of January is still very much crazy time, I’m keeping my goals for January fairly circumspect.

  • Traffic – I hope to hit 1,000 pageviews for the month.
  • Pinterest – Reach 500 followers
  • Facebook – Kickstart the page and hopefully get a follower to two.
  • Income – Launch my first eBook before the end of January and incorporate affiliate sales into my monetisation strategy.

Are you new to my blog? Your Side Hustle Success aims to help you find ways to make extra money through building a business in your spare time. Are you planning to build a blog or a website for your side hustle or business? Here are some of my favourite sites and products that may help you out:

  • Start a blog. Blogging is a great way create additional income. I make semi-passive income each and every month from my blogs and you can, too. Use my guide to create your own blog and you can start your blog for as low as $3.95 per month. Plus, sign up through my link and you get a free domain.
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is my favourite way to promote my blogs and boost traffic. You can make pinning even easier if you use BoardBooster to schedule your pins. Use this link to sign-up for their free trial. If you want a simple graphics program to create your pinnable images, I highly recommend PicMonkey. It’s easy to use – even for novice designers.
  • You can find more recommended resources here: Blogging Resources.

Your Turn…

Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions!

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